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Anna Barwinska-Sendra


About Me

Anna is a postdoctoral researcher interested in fundamental aspects of structure and function of proteins in pathogenic bacteria. She was awarded a BBSRC DTP PhD in 2018 in biochemistry for her work on the characterisation of S. aureus superoxide dismutases with Dr Kevin Waldron at Newcastle University. Anna has studied how these proteins govern the use of metal cofactor for catalytic activity and how these metalloenzymes differentially defend the bacterium against attack by the immune system.

Currently, Anna is one of the researchers working on a Wellcome Trust Collaborative Award funded project. She has joined Salgado Lab in 2017 to study the structure and function of a repertoire of proteins involved in pathobiology of C. difficile. Anna is using a combination of microbiology, biochemistry, biophysics, and structural biology techniques, to characterise S-layer and investigate its links with infectivity in C. difficile.